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Candid Questions with the Alpha Wolves

Candid Questions with the Alpha Wolves

We sat down with our Co-Chairs and Executive Director to gain insight on what leadership means to them.

1.What does leadership mean to you?   B: Leadership is authentic, honest, and inspiring. It is about being yourself while leading others to achieve great things!   N: To me, leadership is ambiguous. There really isn’t a cookie-cutter method of leadership and I think that’s what I love most about it.   R: Sometimes it’s having so much confidence and passion for your own vision so that others are inspired to follow. Other times it’s crating a space where people are comfortable to do the same.   2.Who inspires you in leadership?   B: Although it may sound cliche, my parents inspire me to be the best leader I can be. They motivate me and inspire me as they have come so far in life.   N: Seeing my close friends getting involved with leadership roles inspires me the most. I think part of being a good leader is being a good friend.   R: Vasanth Ranganathan, our current VP Internal of ComSoc! Personable, wise, incredibly genuine, and has great musical taste (and talent).
3.What motivates you?   B: I love playing sports and spending time with family and friends to clear my mind. With a clear mind I usually am much more energized and motivated.   N: I think about my family and how much they had to sacrifice to give me a better life. I also listen to a lot of music when seeking motivation.   R: I look at my past achievements and what I did to get there to remind myself that success doesn’t come without hard work.   4.What advice would you give your first-year self?   B: Don’t get too stressed out if things don’t of perfectly as planned. Every setback, bad grade, or failure is a chance to learn and grow.   N: Make an effort to get to know people in other faculties. The commerce bubble can be overwhelming at times.   R: That exam wasn’t hard, it just made you think. Get used to it!
5.Comment on your exchange experience.   B: Go into everything with an open mind, take smart risks and appreciate the differences between cultures across the world!   N: Haven’t gone on exchange yet, but very excited to be heading to Warsaw in 2017.   R: I travelled by myself for 3 1/2 weeks in Spain during which I learned a great deal about who I am and how I see the world. I’m far more aware of myself and my surroundings as a result.   6.What is something you look forward to?   B: Seeing the Raptors go far in the 2016 NBA Playoffs #wethenorth and also 4th year with lots of friends back from exchange with amazing stories to share.   N: The 2016 NBA Playoffs and the start of the 2016 MLB season.   R: All of the doors waiting to be opened after graduation! Studying abroad has really opened my eyes to all the opportunities outside of Tortona and I’m ready for another adventure.
7.What is the best part of QCLS?   B: The inspiration I get from other executive members and the incredible team culture. We truly do #howltogether   N: I think we have an amazing culture and I enjoy every minute I spent with the executive team.. QCLS is family.   R: QCLS is young, but grouting quickly: it is exciting to be in a room where ideas being thrown around could build the foundation of the conference’s brand…but more than anything the people are what make it.   8.CoGro of QP?   B: This is tough. Top Secret bagels and cake are amazing but have to go with QP. Sports weekend deals are straight fire.   N: Tough one. Got to go with QP though. Sports weekends and pitchers of sangria trump all.   R: CoGro
9.Favourtie musical artist at the time?   B: Kanye….Yeezy is killing it with the Life of Pablo. His twitter account though is very questionable.   N: Drake and Fetty when I’m turning up, John Mayer when I’m turning down.   RL Beyonce. Forever and always.   10: Favourite thing about Queen’s?   B: The people. Queen’s has introduced me to incredibly talent, authentic, and overall amazing people. They really are what makes us such a special university.   N: Our small campus makes me feel more connected. I can talk from one end of the ghetto to the other and see a bunch of familiar faces.   R: Running into familiar faces en route to practically anywhere.

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