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Something BIG is Coming...

It’s no secret that industries are becoming increasingly competitive. Our markets have become so saturated that it often feels like every idea under the sun has been tried, tested and executed. Yet, global leaders are seen continuously pushing boundaries to generate remarkable and unique ideas. So how do they do it? Two words: strategic adaptability.

In the past, strategic adaptability referred to a company’s ability to create products and services to better satisfy market needs. Ultimately, this led to creating static strategies that satisfied a stable and predictive market. However, as we learned in 2020, our markets are anything but predictive. Instead, as we enter 2021, strategic adaptability is now being viewed as a competitive advantage in its own right. Adaptive teams learn to be agile, tolerate failure, and use emergent strategies to pivot quickly. To achieve strategic adaptability, global companies have developed a culture of constructive criticism, flexible structures and dispersed decision-making to ensure entire teams can contribute to company-wide innovation.

Most notably, companies such as Procter and Gamble and Amazon are agile-thinkers and capable of this strategic adaptability.

In P&G’s case, products are often tested through a Connect + Develop testing model. In open-innovation networks, P&G uses 3-D virtual stores and online user communities to introduce, test and refine products prior to its market launch. As consumer preferences rapidly evolve, this low-cost and quick product testing method ensures that P&G’s products remain relevant to their target market.

Similarly, Amazon’s agile thinking positions the company to be constantly testing new user interfaces and monitoring customer response to ensure there is constant data referencing customer preferences. Therefore, while most companies evolve in response to change, Amazon attempts to sustain their market leadership by predicting change and adapting to capitalize on it as a way of growth.

At QCLS, our entire executive understands the benefit of strategic adaptability and the importance of being agile. We are consistently assessing our past success and considering new ways to evolve, innovate and grow.

Our executive prides ourselves on being a team that:

  • Is community-orientated, united and collaborative

  • Maintains a strong and welcoming team culture

  • Strives to be passionate, innovative and achieve a common goal

  • Has a unique perspective about how to empower students to achieve their leadership potential

But just like any team, we recognize our potential for growth. As we adapt to changing business environments and seek to continually challenge how students think about leadership, we are incredibly excited to announce a mysterious event that will launch on Thursday, January 28th, 2021. Although we can’t share too much with you just yet, we are thrilled our launch and know you will love it as much as we do. Stay tuned!


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