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How to Make the Most of a Conference

Last week, the Wolfpack brought you our best networking advice. This week, we bring you our top five tips to getting to best out of any conference you attend. From workshops to case competition to talking to delegates, we’ve got a tip for you:

  1. Don’t stick to one group of friends! Part of the value gained from attending a conference is meeting fellow delegates and learning from them. You can make so many friends at conferences that you never would have made otherwise, and even friends from other schools in Canada!

  2. Introduce yourself to the executive members of the conference! Making a strong impression as a delegate is extremely helpful if you’re potentially interested in applying for the executive. Trust me, we all love to talk.

  3. Be the first person to ask a question after a speaker concludes. You will seem engaged and genuinely interested in what the speaker is saying, and that will help you stand out in a positive way (but make sure you’ve done your research)!

  4. Attend, attend, attend. You may think there’s something more important to do than a social or a workshop, but the executive has worked extremely hard to plan all these awesome events for you. There’s value in every aspect of the conference.

  5. Most importantly, relax. You don’t have to be ‘’on’’ all the time, or networking with every single person at every event. You’re there to learn and meet people, but more importantly you’re there to have fun! Enjoy every moment.

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